My wife will tell you that I am one who likes to plan ahead. When we take a vacation, I like to plan it out. Yet, no matter how careful I am with the details, something will go wrong.

Life is that way. Recently, at a men’s Bible study I started last year, the study leader asked me to fill in for him. I said sure. I had been studying a passage of Scripture for some time and felt like the message I had in mind would be perfect for the men who attend regularly.

As we all sat down around a table to begin the study, the door opened. Was it one of our regulars who was running late? No, it was a teenager. He came in barefoot, tousled hair and with a Bible in hand. Trying to catch his breath from the mile run from his house to where we were, he asked if he could join us.

Sure, we all said. Little did we know what would happen next. As he sat down, he told us he was agnostic and didn’t believe what was in the Bible. Immediately, I knew, my planned Bible study was out the window. And that was a good thing.

For the next hour and a half, several of the men and myself answered the young man’s tough questions. The good news, he was seeking. God had brought this teen to our Bible study. I was honored that God thought enough of us to bring him to our study. And, I was thankful he listened intently to us as we shared Jesus with him. He didn’t receive Christ that night. But he plans to join us again. I am excited about that.

You know, I love when God messes up my plans. He never ceases to amaze me.